Welcome to Fashion Supply

We are a full-service fashion clothing design studio, offering a range of services for the design, construction and production process of seasonal clothing collections, man and lady’s fashion. We provide all services concerning the development of a fabric prints, patterns, samples, collections to final production for new, recognized or private label brands.

Clothes Design and Development

With the rapidly growing economy and the millions of consumers to satisfy, it can often be a challenge to stay on top of the latest trends. By utilizing the expertise of our garments development teams and the fastness of our sourcing access we could turn your ideas into businesses.

We turn your visions into concepts of product development and dedication to provide creative products to support and grow your business through our proven experience.

If it can be made, we can make it for you. Some of the biggest names in the industry have turned to us to create the perfect solution per their requirement, along with finest workmanship, and distinguished value services. Our expertise lies in custom designing products or garments per your or our specifications or price point. With designers on hand, we can offer a diverse choice of any types of jersey clothing, mainly dresses, blouses, tops, t-shirts, shirts etc.

Fashon Supply Ltd. (FS) is a garment manufacturer with own design center. It is founded in 2010 as a successor of a family-owned business operating internationally from 1990.  Since its founding, our company has grown over 300% in turnover and production quantities. We have own cutting facility – its completely automated and equipped with fabric relaxing machines, fabric spreaders and cutting robots. Our cutting capacity can go up to 8000 pcs per shift (maximum capacity, per 24hrs).
We have own producing facilities, with approximate 150 machine operators and several exclusively working for us certified subcontractors. Our current capacity is between 150 000 to 250 000 pieces per month. Furthermore, we have atelier for producing high-end fashion, with smaller capacity and finest workmanship and quality. We are mainly producing trico garments, however  we do produce light confection as well (blouses, shirts, light jackets).


We believe in the highest quality service coupled with cost effectiveness which is why our customers come back to us time and time again and give us the highest recommendations.


In these rapidly changing times, where fashion trends change within days, having ability to react quickly to ever changing requirements of your customers can distinguish a successful company.  Our production offers some of the best quality garment production to be found in Europe. Our delivery time is 6 weeks from labdipping confirmation, which is still the fastest production worldwide.