Manufacturing Overview:

In these modern & turbulent times, having the ability to react quickly to ever changing requirements of your customers can mean the different between the success or failure of your business. Our production offers some of the best quality garment production to be found in Europe. Couple this with the speed of turnaround and the standard of garment development, we wouldn’t produce anywhere else! Our office is located in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 100 kilometers from the Sofia international airport.


The 1st step is design. In this step we will finalize the conceptual aspect of your designs or styles. What do you want your styles to look like? What is the image of the line? What colors and fabrics will they be made out of? We will present you with options that answer all of these questions after we gather information on your brand and vision. We offer solution-based design that is focused on the function of the final piece as well as the aesthetics.


The 2nd step is having prototypes made of your products to start testing for fit, functionality, feedback, and style. We will create a series of prototypes and analyze each until a perfect sample has become a reality. This process generally takes 2-3 samples before achieving desired results. With our knowledge of construction methods, fabrics and styling we will also make recommendations that will make your product superior in quality and fit.  

Tech Packs:

The 3rd step is technical design. We will create a series of documents that is essentially a blue print for a manufacturer to price out and manufacture your garment. These documents are called specification sheets or technical specification packets. They will embody the technical fabric specs. They will include stitching details, trims, label info and packaging specs. Lastly, the grading or size change information of your garment at each point of measure will be included.  


The 4th and final step is producing your product. We offer manufacturing and sourcing for large and small orders. We have production capabilities for small custom orders. We also have long standing relationships with factories for large orders. We will work with you to determine the best factory to manufacture your product based on order quantities and duty category.  We will also work to find the exact fabric that you desire for your product. 


  • Minimums – Starting from1000pcs per style per colour.
  • Capacity: 250,000pcs per month in-house.


  • Sampling – 2 –3days from receipt of sampling instruction.
  • Knit Production – 5 weeks from approved sample or 3 week for repeats. (Lead times may vary depending on product and requirements)


  • Truck – 3 day express or 7 day normal truck delivery to the Western Europe.


  • Quick development procedure.
  • Quick delivery times.
  • Strong financial capacity.
  • Efficient qualified and merchandising team.


  • SA8000
  • ISO 9001


  • All fabric / yarn entering the production facility is checked, evaluated then graded on a 4.0 system. 100% inspections are also carried out if required.
  • In-line QC’s are present at every stage of production who sign off the first part of each process to ensure continuity
  • There are also separate AQL QC’s who sign off the final inspection separately to the in line QC’s
  • Finally a full inspection will be completed if needed for any reason
  • A special team of inspectors called the ‘audit section’ work directly under the supervision of Senior Management who have the entire production area under their control. This team performs random checks and keep daily records. Goods are only forwarded for packing if they pass their approval.
  • Daily records are handed to the Quality Control Manager; this manager in turn compiles the records and reports daily to Senior Management
  • 2.5 AQL (SGS or ITS)